Shipping and Delivery

We ship most orders placed through the website. When necessary, we ship gift baskets with ice packs tucked into the shipping boxes.

We hand deliver bulk orders and a select few orders placed through the website.

If Gift Basket is for a Hotel:

If a hotel is out of our delivery range*, we will ship it by UPS**.
Please know – several hotels across the country charge the guest a fee if the guest receives a package by UPS, FedEx, etc. While we understand you want this gift basket to be a surprise, you may want to consider telling your receiver that this gift basket will be arriving.

If a Gift Basket is for a Residence:

We ship to most residences. There are several gated communities throughout Orlando. Without having access to all residential addresses, we have found shipping to be the most efficient method for getting a gift basket to a residence. A few exceptions may be made to this rule.

If a Gift Basket is for a Business:

These are our favorites. Someone is almost always available to receive the gift basket and they get lots of attention at work! If the address is out of our delivery range*, we will ship it by UPS**.

If a Gift Basket is for a Patient in a Hospital: 

If the hospital is out of our delivery range*, we will ship it by UPS** to the hospital. We will include all necessary information on the shipping label and the hospital will ensure it gets to the patient.

If a Package is Returned to FGB: 

We appreciate orders placed through our website, to minimize the potential for miscommunication regarding addresses, names, etc. If a packaged is returned to us, we will contact the sender and discuss options to move forward. If the sender shared the wrong shipping address, the shipper will be charged a return fee and a re-deliver fee. If the sender wishes to cancel the order, no refund will be given. We will pay the return fee on the customer’s behalf.

If a Gift Basket is Being Shipped Outside 0f Florida: 

At checkout, you will notice the calendar option disappear. We will get your gift basket made and packaged. UPS** will pick up from us either that same day or the next day. Shipping outside of Florida is anywhere from 2 – 6 days. If your out-of-state delivery is time sensitive, please call us to expedite delivery. We do not recommend shipping chocolate outside of Florida.

If a Gift Basket is Delivered Within Florida: 

 Deliveries are not made on weekends or holidays.

* Our delivery range is limited to 8 miles from our store.
** If we ship by UPS, we will request UPS send you updates via email regarding your delivery. UPS shipments are sometimes delayed by severe weather, natural disaster, and other conditions. Please check on to see if the delivery zone is affected.